Thursday, October 20, 2011

Twin Falls Trip

I have been meaning to post these pictures for over a month now but I just haven't gotten around to blogging for awhile. Oops!
At the beginning of September we made a quick trip to Twin Falls to spend the weekend with Ray's parents. We had a great time. Normally Zach doesn't sleep to good when we travel so we always dread that part of traveling but Zach did an excellent job on this trip. He slept great which made him one happy active boy. It had been awhile since Ray's parents had seen Zach and I think they were surprised by how active he is. If he wasn't sleeping or eating he was running. He had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa Wuthrich!
On our trip we were able to stop by Shoshone Falls, which was beautiful. It was the first time Zach had seen a waterfall and he loved it. He still talks about the waterfall with the rainbow. We were also able to spend some time with Zach's great Grandma Fullmer. Ever since Zach was a baby he has always loved her. Whenever she holds him he is always calm and happy. It was great to spend time with her.
Here are some pictures from our trip.

Happy Birthday Little Guy!

Zach turned 2 on the 12th and I think he had a great birthday. We started the day off by giving him his first present as soon as we got him out of bed. It was a Lightning McQueen car, he was pretty excited!

Then Zachy and I went to IHOP for breakfast and spent the rest of the morning playing at the park.
I spent the rest of the afternoon making a Lightning McQueen cake, which I thought turned out pretty awesome.

We went to Chuck E Cheese for dinner with my family which was a ton of fun. I think Ray and I had just as much fun as Zach, if not more.
Then we had my family over for presents and cake. Zach had so much fun opening presents. He got the hang of really quick. He got some pretty awesome gifts too. Lots of cars, puzzles, mega blocks, a book, an outfit, a Mack trailer, and a Lightning McQueen couch. He was so excited we had a hard time getting him to go to bed that night.

Zach enjoyed his cake for about 5 seconds when he remember all of his new toys that needed to be played with. Oh well, everyone else seemed to enjoy the cake!

Here is Zach the day after his birthday laying on his Lightning McQueen couch/bed, using his Lightning McQueen pillow, wearing a Lightning McQueen shirt, holding Lightning McQueen in his hand, while watching his Cars movie. Can you tell how much he loves Lightning McQueen?

I think Zachy had a pretty awesome birthday!!